Oldie-but-goodie if you are just now tuning in 🙂 and p.s. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY this shoes picture is now so gigantic, but I can tell you that I took it on the night of my daughter’s first-ever Winter ball, now  2 years ago. Are those shoes not the cutest??? See what I mean?? Not that I have any real occasion to wear shoes like that around here, really. Mountain town, remember. She does tho’ through whatever the weather. Oh, the sweet vanity of youth 😀  cheerio!

go down swingin'

the shoes

On the other hand (-er–foot)…

having a teenage daughter in the house does have its advantages. Take my wardrobe, for example. Please.

At least take my old one.  Because you see, I have entered the exciting era of In-House-Discards-Shopping.

Let me explain. She, at the shiny age of 15 , has become obsessed with clothing and fashion. With the dough she makes at her sweet hostess job, which shecan walk to, yo, as in, no need for car and contingent car expenses in her forseeable future, whoohoo!  she treats herself to some great threads, which she meticulously shops for online from her favorite stores. She has gotten really good at it.

Unlike ME, who is NOT  good at it anymore, mostly because I have been broke for about 15 years now and am, therefore, pathetically out of practice.

MY “wardrobe”, and you have to understand the northern ski-town aspect…

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A short (but powerful) break with wind chimes

Go Down Swingin says :

” happy time!  ^^MUST DO THIS ^^  “

Parenting And Stuff

Wind Chimes

Colored Bamboo wind chimes

Don’t know about you, I could use some break. 

This post of yesterday – such comments are always taking me a bit off-balance.

Not that I’m very balanced lately. Balance is not interesting anyway.

So I did what I always do lately, created some new tech issues with the newparents site. Try it, that’s when you lean back in your chair and let other people fix what you ruined. That is great, take it from me! I’ve started doing it on purpose, see?

Wind chimes. I was leaning back thinking I need to relax, and suddenly heard the wind chimes from outside.

It was like someone heard my thoughts.

I’m already planning to make wind chimes with my kids for the last 8 years, So I’m sure it will happen very soon.

I collected for you some amazing ideas that you can  show your…

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as good as it gets


Do you have any control over how creepy you allow yourself to get?   –waitress carol

Yes I do, as a matter of fact. And to prove it, I have not gotten personal, and you have.

–melvin udall