388031_10151086162379133_225098198_nDiana DiPaola, 48, is NOT, generally speaking,  the wierdo smiling for no reason, pictured here >>>

She has quietly called herself a writer since her first story award, achieved in the 6th grade for a humor piece on babysitting that is still buried in a box in her basement.  Since that time, true to her “underachiever” status  thanks for writing that in my high school yearbook Mr. Frazier! Did you die yet? Ha ha, I kid   she has written much but published little.

During her All-Knowing years as a college journalist she enjoyed her first true publications as a weekly humor columnist in The Campus Lantern, again winning an award or two for her work through national college newspaper review boards she has long since forgotten the real name of.

Fast-forward to Now, Age of  Industry Aquarius  The Blog.  And personally, the quickly-approaching Age of Empty Nest. At last, a time and a place place to write freely, with little heed to where it is all going, with the added perk of self-publishing. What a magnificent waste of time and cyberspace! Haha!

But–if one is a writer, one must write, and, eventually..p—shh.  Let’s not say it again.

At least now she has a few more stories to tell.




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