behold! The Queen!


~~had I mentioned that Ms. R played The Queen in her dance company’s big winter production of Cinderella (adaptation: “If the Shoe Fits”) last month? You do remember the story, and how Queen fits in? To refresh, Queen’s singular mission in life is to marry off her beloved son, The Prince, so that he may get on with his parent-prescribed singular mission of producing a worthy heir to the throne.

Ruby as Queen, Upset

That’s it. End of discussion. Queen is tired of waiting for her starry-eyed son to bust a move on this, so she plans a grand party, The Ball, to expedite. Prince will obey and choose on that night.

Hahahahaha!  The poetic metaphor of it all. Mom wants  to navigate kid’s life, kid says no way hose-A. Or, something inappropriate to that effect.

Kid has much better ideas. Nearly always. Where the metaphor ends in Real Life is how Mama must handle these kinks in The Plan. Bursting into tears of despair is great for an easy-to-follow story line and laughs on stage, but hardly effective for Real Moms and Pops as they attempt the delicate task of guiding their own heirs through the teenage quagmire of destiny-shaping life choices.

Invisibly guiding, I might add, as overt tactics are quickly detected and dismissed with a royal wave of the hand. Wield the guidance over a teen a bit too stiffly, or too loudly, and we are expediently relegated, along with our overstuffed attache of infinite wisdom, to the position of court jester, within the walls of our own palaces. Their own plans may play out with more drama than we want to sign up for, but honoring their instincts does seem the way to go, in the end.

Think how Cinderella turns out.

I’ll leave it at that. I daresay we are now overstuffed on witty metaphor for the moment.  Shall we digest and reconvene after High Tea?

No? Bugger off, then!  Cheerio!



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