take off your pilgrim hat and snap to it

I wrote that “pilgrim hat ” line once in a newspaper column called Doubletake I birthed during college…the piece was about all the demonic stuff everyone would soon be lining up to buy for Christmas. The Haves vs. The Have Nots. The wise little Whos down in Whoville.  “Only 21 Shopping Days Left..” the title quipped, smug in its college journalist omniscience about Life 101.  How wise I had become at 20 years of age!

Long time since then.   too long… I have a daughter ready to launch into academia in  10–9–8–7…


What this actually means is that I now know very little whereas she knows A LOT. I’m still scratching my head, wondering where and when I traded it, the

omniscience  (dictionary-geeked this. Go ahead,  click . I damn-near wrote omnipotence,  see  almighty  authoritywhich I have yet to achieve  ..or lose)

for total confusion, about most things.

This {Monday} morning she stumbled out of here at 7:15, juggling a pile of books, laptop and trailing cord, half-loaded backpack (unzipped, half slung on), no breakfast (or lunch) naturally, to start anew after an entire luxuriant “Thanksgiving Holiday” week off  from both academics and her dance schedule. A whole week off. Better than most high school kids get. You’d think she might have managed ONE DAY with a well-prepared launch. launch~lunch . a launch, with lunch.

This is my little “overachiever” in her usual modus operandi.  I spellchecked that, as I rarely have cause to write  it out.  Now, as a Mother, I do, as I find myself discussing her behavior, aka m.o.,  with my partner Mike about every fifteen seconds. It is baffling. Be honest–exasperating. Memories of myself as a teenager  are only small consolation.  was only like that because Mom was a psycho and I was acting out.  NO!  I am  NOT HER, I am the clued-in one who was going to break the mold on Motherhood. I would impart my Love, and Gentle Wisdom upon my precious, precious offspring who would heed, and flourish.

Fast-forward to  November  26, 2012.   Chaos.   Offspring knows how the job is done.  Could be stepping squarely into a steaming pile of dog poo. On a vibrating train track.  But  PLease don’t tell her AGAIN. *roll eyes*  PLeeeeeZe.

The holiday dance performance of “Cinderella” woozy with anticipation~what awaits us is now looming. Tech Week#1 is now in progress. At home this means a re-heated dinner plate at 9 pm , followed by a “rigorous” i.e., ass-load  roster of  high school homework. Bedtime? Hahahaha–don’t ask if you are a mere mortal.  She will do this every day for the rest of the week. And again next week, before the shows start. But, We Shalt Not Whine, for this is the life of a Junior Repertory Company member/ Community School student. Not a child prodigy. Just another kid with a dream to be good at something, get noticed, maybe grab a scholarship to a decent college. easy-peasy.

Chaos.  Was my high school experience this insane?  Or has the game just gotten insanely competitive?  Can I blame my daughter for flying by the seat of her pants through this? What do I really know about the pressure she is under?

As I was saying, it’s time to take off those pilgrim hats and get busy, kiddos.  Three weeks ’till  Semester One of Junior Year is over!!  Grades will be forever etched onto the Stone Tablets of Your Lives!!  Admissions Officers across the land will come forth to drink from The Fountain of Data, making marks upon their mighty scrolls! The moment draws near!

Me, maybe I’ll go buy my little college-bound, Who’s Who achiever  a heap of  her favorite demonic stuff  for X-mas. New clothes, of course. Right now, so she can revel in them before the dread of finals. Instant gratification + materialism =  Survival Strategy 101 . As any good capitalist knows.

All due respect to those you-know-Whos in the tiny hamlet of Whoville..which I believe is still socialist.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kim
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 17:03:15

    All the things we vowed we’d never do and are doing anyway, eh? Nice to read Diana!


  2. Dennis Ames
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 19:31:07

    When we were kids, The Videogames we had were lame, and there was no internet and a whole 3 channels to watch on TV. I’d like to think that we had more “time” due to less distractions to do things, but honestly I’m not seeing a lot of “Hustle” from most kids these days. You should be happy for your daughter as she seems to be getting the whole “balancing act” part of life in hand.


    • dianadi65
      Nov 29, 2012 @ 01:12:04

      Hi Dennis
      So true. I am VERY fortunate that my high schooler is hustlin.’ More importantly, that she has a passion to follow (dance) while she is young enough to run with it. As does your daughter, last I heard. What makes me crazy, that I did NOT get into in my post (not yet), is that even as my kid acknowledges how full her plate is, she still “squeezes in” a HUGE amount of Facebooking, Youtubin’, TV streams, movies…all OK in moderation but not at the expense of sleep & mindful preparation. The balancing act, as you called it, is, how do you say..”a junkshow.” It’s like she CHOOSES the insanity.


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